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Use AI meeting summaries to speed up your sales cycle

Published on
May 20, 2024


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Picture this: You nailed that sales call and your prospect seemed excited and ready to move forward. But now that it has been a few days since the call, your notes look confusing and unclear. Did they agree to a demo? Was there a timeline? Was there any doubt?


Scribbled meeting notes, showcasing how AI meeting notes are better


The confusion becomes scarier by the minute as your follow-up schedule inches closer. On the follow-up call, you must pick up the conversation where you left it, but where did you leave it?

Important information can slip away as you try to handle multiple calls and prospects. When that happens, your chances of closing dramatically go down. But what if there was a way to effortlessly keep a tab of all the nitty-gritty details of your conversation? This is where AI meeting summaries can make your sales process less messy and more efficient.

What are AI meeting summaries?

AI meeting summaries go way beyond simple call recordings. Think of them as your virtual note-taking assistant, just smarter and more efficient.

They start with a transcript of your call, but that is just the beginning. AI summaries then analyze the conversation to pull out the crucial details: key decision makers, objections, next steps, and even the overall mood of the call.

Imagine being able to instantly search your meeting history for the exact moment your prospect mentioned a competitor or expressed hesitation about pricing. That is the power of AI-generated meeting notes.

In fact, 78% of sales reps think AI can help them assign more time to the most essential parts of their job. But remember, as impressive as they are as a tool, AI meeting assistant features are not magic. They will not replace your need to be present and engaged in the conversation. Think of them as a safety net, ensuring you don’t miss any important moments, even when managing multiple deals.

Benefits of using AI meeting summaries in your sales process

The entire sales process can sometimes feel overwhelming, with endless leads, calls, and follow-ups to manage. AI summaries are like hitting the pause button on that chaos, giving you a clear recap of every interaction. This is not just about saving time but about those overlooked bits of information you need to close more deals. 

Zoom's AI meeting notes

Let us look at the main advantages AI meeting summaries bring to the table:

1. Save time and effort 

Have you ever spent 20 minutes after a good sales call trying to remember what was just discussed? That is valuable selling time wasted. And in the heat of the moment, it is easy to miss details while trying to focus on the conversation.

AI meeting summaries give you that time back. Instead of note-taking, you can stay fully engaged with your prospect. Those detailed summaries are instantly available when the call ends, allowing you to plan timely follow-ups while the conversation is still fresh in your mind.

2. Have all deal insights in one place

Knowing the details of the last sales calls makes all the difference in planning your follow-up strategy. With AI meeting summaries, you get every detail from every sales call at your fingertips. No more guessing games about your prospect's reactions or key points of interest.

Imagine AI meeting assistants as a time machine. They let you revisit everything you discussed in your last sales call- be it pain points, objections, or subtle cues like a slight hesitation before a question, a burst of enthusiasm about a particular pain point, or even a competitor’s name slipping into the conversation. Having this data at your fingertips lets you tailor your follow-up strategy for maximum impact.

3. Maintain pipeline accuracy

When your notes are filled with “I think they liked it” or “seemed positive overall,” it makes building an accurate sales forecast nearly impossible. This affects not only individual sales reps but the entire team’s goals.

AI meeting summaries take the guesswork out of the equation. They provide a data-driven record of what was actually discussed: commitments made, next steps, and even potential roadblocks. 

This helps sales reps create more accurate pipelines that eventually mean better commission forecasts. For sales managers, it paints a much clearer picture of where each deal truly stands. No more last-minute rushes due to unexpected deal failures. AI summaries help you spot potential issues early on. 

Plus, with these AI meeting notes being accessible to the entire team, everyone stays on the same page. This helps prevent miscommunication and unwanted surprises.

4. Get automated personalized follow-ups

Here is a glimpse from the prospect’s side: another follow-up email hits their inbox. They start reading- “Just wanted to touch base…”- and their eyes start to glaze over. We all know those emails rarely get a response, and it is easy to see why- they lack attention to the individual prospect’s needs.

This is where AI meeting summaries become a life-saver. Need to remind a prospect about a commitment they made on the previous call? Want to address a specific objection head-on? AI summaries give you those details instantly. This lets you plan follow-ups that feel less like a template and more like a genuine continuation of the conversation.

Active listening in sales is very important, but it is hard to be fully present when taking notes. AI meeting summaries free you to truly focus on the prospect. This builds trust and makes them much more likely to move forward with you.

How to Use AI meeting summaries for every sales stage?

AI summaries are helpful, but how do they translate into your everyday sales hustle? Let us look at how they give you an advantage at every stage of the 6-step sales process. 

1. Prospecting

Got a long list of cold leads stretched out before you? How do you decide where to focus your energy? AI meeting summaries of past successful calls act like a roadmap. They pinpoint what questions resonated, which pain points to highlight, and even successful strategies for handling objections in sales

Instead of starting every new call from scratch, you are armed with insights that make those initial outreach calls much more likely to convert.

Role of AI meeting notes in the prospecting stage of the sales cycle

2. Preparation

Every time a follow-up meeting is coming up, and you vaguely remember that prospect showing interest in a particular feature, let AI meeting summaries give you a few cues to brush up your memory. Get all the progress in one place, as if you just got off a call with the prospect.

AI summaries are your preparatory helping hand. They let you quickly revisit those past conversations. Now, you can feel prepared instead of feeling flustered.

3. Presentation

You know those moments in a presentation where you can feel the energy shift? A prospect casually drops a competitor’s name, or they light up when you hit on a specific pain point- AI summaries help you seize those opportunities. 

Role of AI meeting notes in the presentation stage of the sales cycle

Instantly find where those topics came up before so you can address them head-on. Remind them why they got excited in the first place, and you are one step closer to closing the deal. That is how you connect with each prospect in a way that feels personal and just for them.

4. Overcoming objections

Types of sales objections

Objection handling in sales is part of the game, but AI meeting summaries help you play it better. Analyze those past “sticking points”- budgeting concerns, timeline worries, whatever holds back the sales process. 

AI summaries let you analyze those past deal roadblocks. This allows you to anticipate common objections and plan rock-solid responses that address them proactively. 

5. Closing the sale

You have put in the work, the prospect is excited, and then a miscommunication about the timeline or a paperwork snag derails everything. It is frustrating to see that hard-earned momentum vanish, especially after investing so much time, effort, and resources in building a connection.

With AI meeting summaries, you can prevent such deal disasters. They ensure everyone, on both your side and the prospect’s, is crystal clear on the next steps, agreed-upon terms, and those tiny details that can make or break a successful close. Think of it as smoothing the path to that final “yes.”

6. Follow-up

We have all heard prospects complain about follow-ups being a waste of their time. Personalization is key to successful after-sales follow-ups, and AI summaries make it easy. 

Need to address a specific concern the prospect raised? Have to reference a past commitment they made? Summaries put those details at your fingertips. 

Even if your main point of contact changes mid-deal, summaries help you quickly bring the new person up to speed. This maintains momentum and builds the trust that leads to closed deals.

Let AI meeting summaries take some of that note-taking pressure off so you can focus on what you do best- connecting with prospects and solving their problems. They might not magically sell for you, but they will make you a sharper, more efficient, and more successful rep.

Incorporating AI summaries into your workflow

Stop wasting time on CRM updates and struggling to recall key points. AI summaries streamline your workflow, giving you more time to focus on building relationships and closing deals:

1. Get smarter CRM updates

Imagine every important detail from your meetings- key decisions, next steps, subtle cues, and objections- automatically integrated directly into your CRM. Instead of relying on scattered notes or your memory, you have a searchable, centralized knowledge base about each prospect accessible to your entire team.

Hubspot CRM integration with AI meeting notes software

2. Focus on targeted coaching

AI summaries can help sales managers coach new reps. Instead of giving vague examples, you can now use live call summaries to teach them how to handle different situations in a sales call.

Did a rep crush a difficult objection? Need to help them refine their approach to a common roadblock? AI summaries let you tailor your coaching, leading to a stronger and more successful sales team.

3. Be prompt with risk mitigation

Let us get practical. Mistakes happen, even for the best of reps. Maybe they forget to confirm the decision-maker’s timeline- AI meeting summaries highlight this gap, allowing for a quick follow-up that prevents delays. Or imagine a prospect casually mentioning a surprising discount from a competitor- that red flag in the summary gives your team the chance to adjust their strategy to stay competitive.

These are just a few examples of how AI summaries help your sales process. From better CRM integration to targeted coaching and learning about hidden deal risks, they give you the clarity and insight to perfect your approach, organize your sales process, and close more deals.

AI meeting summaries are not just for the individual sales rep. Share call insights across your team to streamline processes, identify common roadblocks, and replicate successful strategies.

Oliv’s AI meeting summaries

We have discussed the benefits of AI meeting summaries in general, but let us take it further. Think of Oliv as your AI-powered sales coach. It does not just provide summaries- Oliv analyzes your calls to identify trends and areas for improvement and even predict deal outcomes. This is about more than just remembering what was said; it is about gaining insights to improve your overall sales performance.

Have a set of smart sales goals you want your team to achieve? Oliv integrates those into your meeting analysis. Was this call focused on moving a deal closer to your revenue target? Did you successfully overcome a common objection? Oliv helps you see how every interaction contributes to your bigger sales strategy.

Wrapping up

The high-pressure sales calls can make it hard to keep track of the details that matter. AI meeting summaries can be a game-changer that gives you back precious time, provides actionable insights, and helps you close more deals.

AI gives high-growth companies a huge advantage in the sales process. In fact, they are more than twice as likely to use AI as companies that are not growing as quickly.

Let us recap:

  • AI summaries free you from tedious note-taking, allowing you to stay fully present in conversations.
  • They capture crucial details that fade from memory, helping you tailor your approach and strategy.
  • Data-driven AI summaries improve pipeline accuracy and keep your entire team aligned.
  • They fuel personalized sales follow-ups that build stronger prospect relationships.

Want to get a first-hand glimpse of how AI meeting summaries can improve your sales process? Request a free Oliv demo today.

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