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Unify your tech stack with Oliv to get full visibility into every step in your sales process.

Web Conferencing


Record, transcribe, and benefit from tailored suggestions during calls, improving your interaction and sales tactics with clients

Google Meet

Fine-tune your sales approach during live calls, with live note-taker and guided next steps, ensuring impactful client engagements


Streamline your scheduling, ensuring your sales calls are perfectly timed and more productive than ever



Streamline your workflow with Slack, where sales meeting summaries are conveniently delivered, such as key points, pain points etc

MS Teams

Receive concise, AI-generated call summaries directly in your team channels, to get overview of all the conversations


Get prospect & sales call summaries with key objections, pain points and more, right in your Email post-call



Push your Oliv data into HubSpot and vice-versa for streamlined visibility into deal insights right from within HubSpot. Sync opportunities, deals, and other CRM fields effortlessly


Enhance Salesforce with Oliv integration for automatic team member imports, tailored call recording filters, and insightful call analytics aligned with your Salesforce fields


Sync objects such as deals, contacts, and accounts in real-time. Ensure streamlined data management, and customer engagement
in your CRM

Sales Enablement


Integrate Oliv calls into Highspot's training modules to replicate winning behaviors across your team, enhancing win rates
and deal closures


Seamlessly access and apply Guru's dynamic knowledge base during your sales calls, ensuring you have all the right information at your fingertips for more informed conversations


Boost your sales readiness by enhancing performance with data-driven insights for each sales interaction

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