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  • Maintain CRM hygiene with auto updated objects from Oliv to your CRM and vice-versa

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Trusted by 100+ companies of all sizes and industries

Trusted by 100+ companies of all sizes and industries

What our users say

"It's actually pretty cool. Oliv gives you key takeaways, next steps, and posts the notes into our private Slack team channel. We certainly enjoy using it."
Kara Clark
Kara Clark
"It's wildly helpful for a person like me who has to take notes but hates to be taken away from the conversation"
Patrick Gregg
Strategic Account Manager
"It seems like a cool tool, as you know the most annoying thing is follow-ups and taking notes, but if there's a way to automate that, then it's great"
L.J. Haboush
Catalyst Software
New Business Development
"I was really impressed by the way the actual co-pilot kicks out the post-discussion bullet head notes and the accuracy of what was in there. I wrote down my own notes and when I compared them, I realized, I could've put the pen down. It literally captured 95% of what I'm saying and would want to know from those discussions. The way it pulls that data out and filters out what's not needed is just wow, I was very impressed"
Jonas Henkensiefken
Director: Federal Sales & Operations
"It's a good way to come more prepared, the data has been pretty accurate."
Chris Wittig
Mission Cloud
Senior Sales Manager
"You are going plus, next generational"
Al Stefan
Spinnaker Sales Group
Partner, Sales Practice Lead