Save the right deals on time

Stay updated on status of each deal and intervene when needed.

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Struggling with deal updates, and can't find time to focus on building strategies?

But sales managers like you often face these challenges

Listening to sales calls is eating up your personal time.
Not knowing which meetings join and which deals to allocate your time to.
Incomplete CRM data making it difficult to trust your dashboards.

Hit your targets consistently

Know where every deal stands instantly and build deal strategies that win customers.

Get instant deal scorecards

Oliv tracks MEDDICC, BANT, SPICED, or Custom scorecards for every deal in your pipeline.

Automatically map your accounts

Oliv automatically identifies the champion, economic buyer, and key influencers, and assesses their understanding of your product.

Build game plans that close

Oliv tracks and highlights the next steps for every deal, helping you stay on top of your pipeline.

And that's not all.

Oliv updates your CRM properties automatically with deal information extracted from calls.

This is going to be your new home at Oliv.

Check any deal instantly. Jump in when needed.

Out with the old, in with Oliv

Start your day with an overview of your team's pipeline

Stop wasting time checking the status of each deal.

Get a snapshot of daily team meetings, key deal statuses, and choose which meetings to join.

Keep track of how the day is progressing

Don't feel left out of the action.

Receive quick summaries in Slack and Microsoft Teams right after meetings to grasp what happened and plan next steps for deals.

Wrap up with end-of-the-day snapshots

No need to go through hours of recordings during dinner prep or dog walks.

Receive daily end-of-day snapshots to monitor which deals progressed, spot trends, and decide on actions to move the key deals forward.

Prep for your 1:1s 10x faster

Don't spend the entire 1:1 on reviewing and updating the CRM.

Oliv automatically summarizes the reps' week, including deal progress, issues needing attention, and recommended next steps.

We work with the tools you already use

Oliv effortlessly integrates with your existing tools, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for your sales process.

Oliv takes care of your reps too!


Oliv sends reminders and does research for their meetings, keeping your reps prepared for meetings.


Oliv offers live transcription, suggests questions, and automates note-taking, letting reps concentrate on the conversation.


Oliv makes your team’s life easier by automatically updating client info, sending follow-up emails, and suggesting next steps to close deals.

Your data is safe with us.

We protect your data so that you can focus on growing your business with peace of mind.


Trust service principles


The strongest privacy and security law in the world


Protection the data privacy rights of California

What our users say

"It's actually pretty cool. Oliv gives you key takeaways, next steps, and posts the notes into our private Slack team channel. We certainly enjoy using it."

Kara Clark

Lead your team to hit targets and close more deals with Oliv.

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