From confusion to Revenue Precision

Eliminate the panic and embarrassment of forecast calls and commit with confidence

Trusted by 100+ companies of all sizes and industries

Trusted by 100+ companies of all sizes and industries

Regain control and never spend a minute repeating redundant tasks

Wave goodbye to endless Gong call reviews
No more second guessing decisions due to unreliable CRM data
Wasting efforts on deciding which meetings and deals to prioritize? Please, that’s so 2016

Plan for growth, skip the firefighting

Scale high-performing teams with  focused, strategic approach that maximizes revenue and ensures success

Oliv is everywhere you can’t be

You can try to join every call, track every deal, and guide every rep—or you could let Oliv handle it all, ensuring nothing misses your attention.

Start your week with detailed pipeline visibility

Track all your deals—committed, stagnant, or in motion—with MEDDIC/BANT scorecards. Utilize accounts maps for accurate decision making

Actively engage with your reps and other teams mid week

Get clear schedule of key meetings to focus on critical interactions. 
Access prep notes, join calls, and offer real-time guidance to your team

End your week with a pristine CRM and coaching insights

Get updated CRM with key metrics from MEDDIC, BANT, and call scores—no need for hours of manual reviews. Obtain tailored coaching for each rep.

Got 20 seconds?
Achieve 93% forecasting accuracy

Build success fast and keep it coming with Oliv, easily hit your targets every time

Old ways out, Oliv's en route

Spotlight key deals

Quickly identify your most important opportunities with Oliv.

Map the buying committee to visualize account access, spot allies and detractors. Focus your efforts where they matter most.

Master executive meetings

Stay prepared with one-pagers before each review call.

Need to show deal details? Get an auto-updated CRM. Whether it's MEDDICC, BANT, or any other framework, always be ready to impress.

Simplified call reviews

No need to spend hours going through gong call recordings.

Get daily snapshots on deal progress, spot trends, and take action. With auto-filled call scorecards, focus on moments that truly matter.

Coach with precision

Boost your coaching with Oliv.

Get personalized report cards for each rep. Use clear insights to help your team excel and win their market.

We play nice with your favorite tools

Oliv effortlessly integrates with your existing tools, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for your sales process.

Oliv takes care of your reps too!


Oliv sends reminders and does research for their meetings, keeping your reps prepared for meetings.


Oliv offers live transcription, suggests questions, and automates note-taking, letting reps concentrate on the conversation.


Oliv makes your team’s life easier by automatically updating client info, sending follow-up emails, and suggesting next steps to close deals.

Your data is safe with us

We protect your data so that you can focus on growing your business with peace of mind


We adhere to high standards for managing your information, maintaining trust in every transaction


Oliv's designed for GDPR compliance, protecting personal data and user rights across EU


We respect transparent data practices with the privacy rights of California

What our users say

"It's actually pretty cool. Oliv gives you key takeaways, next steps, and posts the notes into our private Slack team channel. We certainly enjoy using it."

Kara Clark

"It's wildly helpful for a person like me who has to take notes but hates to be taken away from the conversation"

Patrick Gregg
Strategic Account Manager

“Oliv is a cool tool that takes care of the most annoying thing - follow-ups and taking notes. It is automated and I don’t have to worry about it.”

L.J. Haboush
Catalyst Software
New Business Development

"I was really impressed by the way Oliv copilot kicks out the post-discussion notes and how accurate they were. When I compared them with my own notes, I realized, I could've put the pen down. It literally captured 95% of what I'm saying and what I would want to know from those discussions. The way it filters out what's not needed is just wow, I was very impressed"

Jonas Henkensiefken
Director: Federal Sales & Operations

"Oliv’s pre-meeting research is a great way to come to the meetings more prepared, the data has been pretty accurate."

Chris Wittig
Mission Cloud
Senior Sales Manager

“Since switching to Oliv my calls are less about note chaos and more about real, human connection. And guess what? My close rate has gone up from 25% to 50%!”

Tom Slocum
The SD Lab

 Lead your team to hit targets and close more deals with Oliv

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