Spend your evenings with your partner, not your CRM

Let Oliv take care of pre-meeting research, live note-taking, and CRM updates after every call so you can focus on winning deals!

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Here’s the deal: Sales fatigue is real

Sales pros juggle 8+ admin tasks across multiple deals daily - often leading to burnout and important info falling through the cracks

Last-minute preparation

Rushed online research and missed call recording reviews lead to meetings without confidence 

Distractions during meetings

Taking notes while listening to clients causes missed opportunities to ask important questions.

Missed follow-ups

Incomplete CRM updates and unsent emails result in pipeline slowdown and lost deals

Crush your targets every time with Oliv

Oliv tackles the mundane so you can focus on the exciting: turning prospects into customers

Go beyond last-gen recorders.
Your sales process deserves better

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Turn opportunities to closed-won with confidence

Get meeting-ready in 2 minutes, not 20

No more last minute LinkedIn research and scrambling for call recordings

Get automated in-depth prospect research before the call. Ensure you're always equipped with essential information
Get summaries of past conversations with Oliv so you never lose context on key facts
Get a birds-eye view of every important deal in the pipeline, every day
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Ask the right questions: With real-time meeting guidance

No more "Oh! I forgot to ask".

Get real-time guidance on key questions and identify gaps in the deal
Highlight important points with magic phrases
Refer to conversation highlights at any time, retaining context without taking notes

No detail left behind: Get a custom action plan for every deal

No more starting emails with "Apologies for the delay in information you asked for...."

Get instant call summaries in your Slack, MS Teams, or email that highlight key details from every conversation
Follow-up with every prospect on time with AI-written emails personalised with context from your call
Increase your street cred and up your game with key highlights from every deal

Ditch manual data entry! Auto-update your CRM after calls with Oliv

Let Oliv update the deal scorecard in your CRM, ensuring your pipeline stays fresh
Oliv automatically maintains contact and account hierarchies in your CRM so you don't have to
Never miss a follow-up with your post-calls tasks automatically tracked in your CRM

Your data is safe with us

We take data protection seriously so you can focus on growing your business seamlessly


We adhere to high standards for managing your information, maintaining trust in every transaction


Oliv's designed for GDPR compliance, protecting personal data and user rights across EU


We respect transparent data practices with the privacy rights of California

...and if you are managing
a sales team

Know where every deal stands and save important deals at the right time

Know where every deal stands at any time

Get weekly review with key deal information

Coach your reps and close deals faster

What our users say

"It's actually pretty cool. Oliv gives you key takeaways, next steps, and posts the notes into our private Slack team channel. We certainly enjoy using it."

Kara Clark

Get started with Oliv in less
than a minute

Just connect your calendar, and watch Oliv do its magic

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