Hit your targets before time, every time.

Let Oliv help you research, take notes, and update your CRM after every call. Save time and close deals faster!

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Are you juggling too much
behind-the-scenes work of a sales call?

Important follow-ups often get lost in this scramble.

Last-minute preparation 

Gather LinkedIn insights and revisit past conversations right before client meetings.

Distractions during meetings

Taking notes while listening to clients often leads to missed opportunities to ask important questions.

Post-meeting tasks

Updating the CRM and sending follow-up emails to maintain client engagement.

Crush your targets every time with Oliv

Oliv tackles the mundane sales call tasks, so you can focus on the exciting part: turning prospects into clients

Get started with Oliv in less than a minute - free forever!

Just connect your calendar, and see Oliv do its magic and simplify your life.

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Convert your sales calls with Oliv, no do-overs needed

Prepare for every meeting in
2 minutes, not 20

No more "I'll get back to you about that."

Get in-depth research on your prospects before the call, ensuring you're always equipped with essential information.
Oliv provides summaries of past conversations so you never miss context between conversations.
Get end of the day slack summary to get an overview of where every deal stands.

Get real-time guidance during meetings to identify gaps and ask the right questions

No more "Oh! I forgot to ask".

Get real-time guidance on important questions to ask and what points you are missing out on.
Highlight important points with magic phrases.
Refer to conversation highlights at any time, keeping context without note-taking.

Get meeting summaries instantly for personalized next steps and faster conversions

No more starting emails with "Apologies for the delay in information you asked for...."

Get an instant call summary directly to your slack, teams, google chat or your inbox to capture key details from every conversation.
Receive auto-generated, personalized email drafts tailored to your call content after meetings, for better client relationship.
Review chapter markers and highlighted moments from meetings for clarity and self-improvement.

Oliv handles CRM updates, so you can focus on closing deals, not data entry.

Important metrics and properties are auto-filled after each call, ensuring your information is always up-to-date.
Oliv handles account data updates and can seamlessly create new contacts as required, freeing you from the CRM maintenance.
Get the list of tasks post-call synced with your CRM, ensuring you know exactly where to focus your follow-up efforts.

Your data is safe with us.

We protect your data so that you can focus on growing your business with peace of mind.


Trust service principles


The strongest privacy and security law in the world


Protection the data privacy rights of California

For Managers: Eliminate the need for constant updates

Know where the deal stands, and save the important deal at the right time.

Know where any deal stands at any time.

Increase Pipeline Visibility For Accurate Sales Forecasts

Focus on building strategies that win clients.

Guide Your Reps Sell Better and Close Faster Using Winning Conversations

What our users say

"It's actually pretty cool. Oliv gives you key takeaways, next steps, and posts the notes into our private Slack team channel. We certainly enjoy using it."

Kara Clark

Close more deals and hit your targets faster.

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